Most Used Heavy Trucks in Australia

The trucking industry plays a critical role in Australia’s prosperity. Due to the country’s low population density combined with the long distance between markets, means that Australians’ are a people heavily dependent on road freight.

The trucking industry is day by day becoming quite complex and in the times we live in, it is a lot more than moving cargo from one point to the next. Statistics suggest that the trucking industry carries 3/4 of Australia’s domestic freight as well as items that are on the shelves of each supermarket.

Trucking is quite a big business in the Australia country and continent, it’s a business that drives the Australian economy as there are 46,636 businesses involved in the trucking business across every Australian State and territory.

With the above information shared, it’s best that we look at the most popularly used heavy truck.


Scania Trucks

Scania trucks are popular in Australia as they have extra standards, turning them into the natural heavy truck choice for most drivers and operators in Australia. Scania prides its self as a heavy truck manufacturer that allows truckers to get on time day in day out.

That said however, reliability as well as uptime do not come from thin air. Given the long history of having their trucks operate in Australia, Scania sells commercial trucks that comes with a wealth of choice including an array of modular configurations allowing truckers to have the best experience on the road.

Scania’s long-haul and heavy haulage trucks are all made into premium European Prime Movers and their design makes them very efficient and reliable when it comes to moving Australian goods, safely, professionally, economically and they provide the drive with an environment that is not only comfortable by very luxurious to work in.


Volvo Trucks

Trucks from Volvo have played a key role in the Australian Road Transport industry since back in the year 1967. Their efficiency has seen the brand grow and become one of the largest distributor of heavy duty trucks in the whole Australian continent.

Prided for their over 46 years of granting Australians with the best service and commitment, it’s no wonder that Volvo is a highly recognized and popularly used truck company on Australian roads.

Volvo trucks are a big hit with transporters due to their Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) which is a far better alternative reliable technology that doesn’t come with limitations in horsepower output. SCR represents trucker with outstandingly the most fuel-efficient solution.


Actros Trucks

The Mercedes-Benz Actros was first introduced in the Australian market back in the late 1990s. Right from its introduction in this market, the truck became quite popular. Ever since its inception in the Australian market, The Mercedes-Benz Actros offers a level of sophistication which was way ahead in technology.

The truck is famed for its suspended cab which is an ergonomic wonder that is very easy to get in and out of allowing drivers and users the luxury and efficiency of operating the truck. These and the advanced features found in this truck line makes Actros one of the most popular Heavy trucks for sale in Australia.




What You Should Know When Importing Heavy Trucks

What You Should Know When Importing Heavy Trucks

Importation of heavy trucks in Ireland has been rising each day. Heavy trucks are among the booming business in the world because they multiple uses. Most of the mover company use trucks as the primary method of transportation. Statics shows that Movers Company in Ireland have shifted from use of small vehicles such as pickups to heavy trucks mainly because they are more economical as they can carry more property. This is not only in Ireland, but also other movers on globe are turning to use of trucks as the major means of transportation.

With increased importation of trucks, it is very important to have a clear idea of what you are importing in the field of trucks. Whether you are importing trucks for personal or commercial use, the following are some of the important factors you should consider.

Used vs new.

Among other important factor you should consider is whether you are importing used or new heavy truck. Heavy trucks require are major investments that require a lot of capital. Not all trucks are the same, different companies have different approach of designing trucks. New heavy trucks are quite expensive, but they come with a decent warranty and last longer. But if you can import heavy trucks from a reputable company, you are likely to save some cost. All in all, it is very important to check what you are importing. Some used trucks may have a shortened bed after being cut by a plasma cutter as their users did not need the longer bed for their needs.


The quality of the truck will depend on the design as well as part included. The condition of the body and engine can give an apt depiction on how the truck is likely to perform. It is very important to inspect all the minor and major parts and also check if parts are originally made the manufacturer. Have truck testing before signing the necessary documents. It is also good to have an experienced person to test and a mechanic to inspect the truck and advice you. Don’t ignore the importance of such professionals.


Price is also a very important factor that you should look at. Some heavy trucks are quite affordable while others are very expensive. Most people fail to understand that the most expensive heavy truck is not necessary the best. Do not limit options, compare prices by visiting dealer. The price will buy from one dealer to the other as well as whether you are buying new or used truck. At the end of the day, you should make a very informed decision that fits your budget and the use of the truck.

Fuel efficiency.

Whether you are buying used trucks for personal or business use, it is very important fuel efficiency is a key factor. Operating a truck which is not fuel efficient can give frustrations.

When importing heavy trucks use a custom port that is convenient for to pick the truck. There are many port on the Ireland Customs and Border Protection website. Make sure you check and determine the most convenient port for you.

These are some of very important tips you should remember when importing heavy trucks. These tips will help you buy the best heavy truck that you won’t regret.

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